Canadian catwalker Amanda Laine

Canadian catwalker Amanda Laine

Amanda Laine
Canadian catwalker Amanda Laine at Louis Vuitton Spring ‘09
Photo by Anthea Simms

FLARE: How many spring shows did you do this season?
AL: 50 shows!

FLARE: Which designer’s collection was your favourite?
AL: Oh my gosh, I don’t know… Most of the shows I did, I loved, there wasn’t really any where I didn’t like the clothes, I’d wear them all. I have to say Burberry Prorsum was really beautiful and Louis Vuitton.

FLARE: Which pieces are on your spring wish list?
AL: Let me think… Oh, the little jean skirt I wore at Louis Vuitton and the pants I wore at Balenciaga—they were very modern looking, very alien-y kind of…

FLARE: How about shoes?
AL: Hmm… Gianfranco Ferre, those were so cool, they had a hoop with a chain that went into a hole underneath… and then, again, I wanted to take the Louis Vuitton ones home! They were high but they were so comfortable. And the Rodarte ones I would just have on a shelf because they’re so cool.

FLARE: Was there a beauty look you really loved?
AL: Proenza Schouler. My hair was half in my face but I had these red, red lips and it was very 80s Madonna, like you should have a little beauty mark, that’s what it looked like.

FLARE: How about for hair?
AL: Last season was always tight slicked back buns and this season was more flowy and kind of more natural. I have really curly hair naturally and everybody was like ‘we’ll just keep it as it is’.

FLARE: Do you have any tips you’ve picked up backstage for girls with curly hair?
AL: I use a Bumble and Bumble curling spray I was given in a gift bag and it really controls the frizz because it gets really crazy in the summertime. I put it on when my hair is wet and then I twist my hair into big thick dreadlocks with my fingers and I put it in a side ponytail. When I take it out the dreadlocks are still there but eventually they loosen out and it dries into nice waves. I learned it at a show and then I tried it at home and it works really well!

FLARE: Have you been making friends while you’re on the road?
AL: Yeah. [Fellow Canadian model] Taryn Davidson is my best friend when I’m away. We shared a hotel room in Paris for a couple days.

FLARE: Did you guys go out and do anything fun?
AL: Our parents were with us and we couldn’t leave the hotel room, so we were wandering the halls and we made stupid videos… it was pretty fun.

FLARE: Do you have a hard time keeping up with school?
AL: It’s not horrible, it’s just I find English really hard to keep up with. Math and science have always been my strongest subjects.

FLARE: What’s your fallback career in the future?
AL: Ever since I was little, I’ve always said I’m going to be a math and gym teacher for grade nine.

FLARE: What’s your fave sport?
AL: Well, I play basketball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer…it makes me have more energy when I’m down and tired, you have more oomph to keep going, you know?

FLARE: Do you have any health tips for when you’re on the road to keep your energy up?
AL: Well, my mom’s always with me and she has this bag of snacks in her bag all the time. I eat like a mad man so I always have to have food, and she has my favourite snacks with her like Kellogg’s Special K bars, apples and stuff. But when I get home from the shows I always have pasta. My sports team slogan is ‘pasta makes you run fasta’!


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