Books to read before your trip to Calgary

Recommended Travel Books: Calgary
1) Calgary Paths and Parkways: A City’s Treasures, $19.95
Author: Terry Bullick
If you’re an avid naturalist and hiker, then look no further. Pack your hiking shoes and a picnic and get ready to discover Calgary’s majestic landscape. This detailed travel guide helps the most enthusiastic nature lover enjoy the great outdoors while spending time in Canada’s Wild Rose Country.



2) Best of Alberta: Day Trips from Calgary, 3rd edition, $19.95
Author: Bill Corbett
There’s a reason why over 40,000 copies have been sold! This updated edition features an insider’s look at the best day trips within a two-hour drive of the city. Driving distances, maps, photographs and historical & cultural information are all detailed inside.



3) A Portrait of Calgary, $14.95
Author: Tivy
Find out why Calgary has been deemed one of North America’s greatest cities with this beautiful book of photographs. Rich with culture, recreation and business, this bustling Canadian western city still manages to maintain the laid-back, unpretentious attitude evident in every page.



4) What’s in a Name…Calgary?, $18.95
Author: Donna Mae Humber
An interesting and perceptive look at park, street, bridge and building names in a town that runs deep with deep Canadian roots.

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