Calgary Alert

Calgary Alert
October 2008

Weekend getaways Now that we’re back to our 9-5 routines the weekend has regained its celebrated significance. And what better way to spend a Saturday than shopping, socializing and dining with our BFF’s? The Calgary Women’s show returns (October 25 and 26) for its 26th year offering the latest trends in fashion, food and fitness. —Lincoln Phillip


Styled to the Core The warm weather has yet to get you in the mood for fall fashions? At The Calgary Women’s show be sure to get a front row seat and be inspired by cool weather looks from retailers like Lacoste (pictured here) at the Core [TD Square and Eaton Centre] and mode models. More than just a catwalk presentation, young hopefuls may become the next supermodel at mode’s model search; as well we can experience the magic of a makeover by the Core Style Girls, Karen Judge and Nancy Taipale. The action takes place three times a day at the Roundup Centre.


Brains and beauty Brace your self for a room full of savvy stunners at the first annual “asknancy and friends” day on Saturday October 18th. Hosted by Nancy Taipale (founder and CEO) and her fab friends such as TV’s CityLine fashionista Sandra Pittana, gastronomic guru Julie Van Rosendal, and Global TV’s Erin Lawrence. It will be a full day of enrichment, enlightenment and entertainment on topics ranging from sex to sling backs! Visit for more information.


Show Pony Making weekend appearances calls for wardrobe resourcefulness, especially with October’s temperamental temperatures, t-shirt or turtleneck? But this styling dilemma is easily solved with Chulo Pony’s knits and innovative jackets like this tweed wide collar piece that converts into a hood! It takes a label from Vancouver to be so stylish yet practical. Check out the collection in Calgary at Boutik Goya Gallery and Kismet. In Edmonton visit Meese, Nokomis and Who Cares.


Lucky Number Seven Resto Lounge is based on the seven best culinary regions from around the world offering a menu with Creole, Cajun, Southern, and French influences created by executive chef Tim Schomo. With the options of brunch, lunch or dinner it just may be tempting to dine here all day!