Calgary Alert

Calgary Alert
August 2008

IT’S SHOWTIME! August marks our summer finale and what better way to say good bye to our sunny freedom than one last escape like running away to join the circus, delving into a stranger’s drama or living out the life of a silver screen goddess?
Lincoln Phillip


CLOWNING AROUND Forget the goofy antics of a Ringling Brothers circus clown, Cirque du Soleil’s clown in Corteo takes us on an imaginative journey somewhere between heaven and earth. Backed by Cirque’s trope of talented acrobats and contortionists, Corteo offers a thrilling spectacle that is guaranteed to give us more thrills than a tightrope walker’s balancing act. See the show at the Currie Barracks from July 31 to August 21.


OPENING NIGHT There’s off off Broadway and then there’s The Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Now in its 27th year, the Edmonton Fringe Festival is the largest and oldest Fringe Festival in North America and features more than 140 un-juried and un-censored shows from around the world. Get ready for eleven days of live theatre, street performances and sidewalk art galleries in the Old Strathcona district.


The best way to deal with our personal dramas is to write them out, so why not do it with the élan of a silver screen goddess like Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich? Mont Blanc pays tribute to Garbo and Dietrich’s on and off screen legacies by issuing two beautifully designed pens that capture the image, elegance and mystique of each actress. You can get your hands on these limited editions from Madison and Page.


UNDER THE BIG TOP We all know that using an umbrella in a rainstorm is no small feat. So to avoid looking like a pathetic pantomime, Senz Umbrellas created a sleek and sexy aerodynamic umbrella that will protect our dos and keep us looking stylish in a sun shower to a monsoon! Get yours at Shed, 200-1022 17 Avenue, SW.


DEATH DEFYING ACTS Finally a knife trick that we can try at home! Aptly called The Ex, this five piece knife holder comes in the shape of a classic voodoo doll, that you can name and then insert the blade with a steadily aim. Available at Domicile.