Breaking Beauty: Kocostar Cloth Hair Mask

Kocostar hair maskCarlene-smallIf you’re as addicted to radiance-boosting cloth face masks as we are, check out these cloth hair masks, quite possibly the next big beauty thing. This one from Kocostar is straight outta Korea. (Where else? It’s the new beauty MECCA.) You just pile your washed, damp hair up on your head, peel back the tape, open the cloth bag caked with creamy moisturizing goodness, pop it on top and cinch with the sticker again before leaving it on for 15 minutes to marinate. Hydrolyzed keratin, elastin and collagen hydrate and undo a week’s worth of styling damage as the warmth from your head creates steam with the air trapped inside the pseudo-turban. Sure beats that ol’goopy grocery bag trick. Kocostar Hair Therapy Deep Conditioning Steam Hair Wrap, $8, is available at

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