Breaking Beauty: Byredo Holiday Candles

A weekly look at what’s new on the beauty director’s desk


(Photo: FLARE)

Don’t tell anybody I’m lighting up at my desk, K? But I had to find out if these Byredo holiday candles are as smooth like butta as they seem at first sniff. I’m a huge luxury candle lover, but I’ll be honest: sometimes behind all those expensive foils, the heavy glass and the sparing typeface, the scent is better left un-sparked, if you know what I mean. And when I saw the names on these babies— “Gingembre” particularly—I worried that sharp gingerbread tang was going to punch me in the sinuses, no matter how expensive the ingredients or how hand-poured it may be.  Not so, not so. If ever there was a way to make ginger smell soft and creamy, this is it.  Hold the Tylenol. $95, Holt Renfrew