FYI, Booze-Infused Spa Treatments Are Now a Thing in Canada

And, yes, you get to drink while you get a pedicure

A collage of a foot going into a boot-shaped pint of beer

In addition to being my Saturday night staple, beer has many uses. It can add flavour to tasty BBQ recipes, it can be used for cleaning around the house and now it’s even in regular rotation at the spa. Yes, you read that correctly.

Toronto’s Stillwater Spa has recently added a beer pedicure to their menu. Intrigued? We were too. The Cool as Cuke pedicure, is described by Stillwater’s Spa Director Krista Foulis as “a classic spa pedicure with a twist.” The treatment features Muskoka Brewery’s Cool as Cuke infused brew and a cucumber scrub using beer grains from the Brewery. The best part? You can sip on the cold drink while being pampered which is basically heaven.

Though this spa treatment has just been introduced in Ontario, it’s nothing new to the beauty world. “In Europe, beer spas have existed for years, where treatments include massages using hop oils, and even baths filled with beer,” says Shannon Mulligan, a marketing specialist at Muskoka Brewery. “Unfiltered beer, like Cool As Cuke, is packed with vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B, calcium, and magnesium…[it can even] make your hair shinier.”

And Stillwater isn’t the only place adding cool new foodie ingredients to their line-up. Elmwood Spa in Toronto has launched maple-infused treatments (for Canada’s B-Day, of course), available until July 31. On offer? A Canadian maple sugar (sourced from a farm in rural Ontario) body scrub, mani and pedi. And yes, you’ll feel fresh (and smell like freshly baked goods) when you’re done.

We’re just waiting to see what’s next. A vodka facial? We’re not opposed.

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