Book Club - Tips

Book Club - Tips

Get real
There’s no reason you should have to stick to novels – here are some tips for hosting a juicy, true-to-life book club discussion

If you’re looking for a change of pace, why not choose a nonfiction title. You’re bound to learn something – and biographies, memories and historical accounts can spark some seriously stimulating conversation. When choosing your title, stick with subjects that aligns with the group’s interests. Do you like to travel? Try a history of a country you’re hankering to visit. Is there a historical period that you are fascinated by? Choose a biography of an influential person from that era. Once you’ve chosen your book, here are some ideas to get the conversation going.

1) How did the book change your opinion on the subject? How does the thesis of the book compare to public opinion? Do you think it provides a new perspective?

2) What did you think of the structure? Did you get enough background on the subject, and was it explained in a systematic method?

3) Was there anything that surprised you about the facts in the book?

4) How balanced did you feel the book was?

5) What was the level of detail like? Did it draw you in? Leave you hanging? Bore you tears?

6) How does the book distinguish itself from other books written on the same topic?

7) Do you agree with the author’s conclusions? Did he or she come across as credible? Why or why not?