Book Club Tips January

Host a book swap
How to make some space on your bookshelf – and pick up a few new titles to fill it up again

We all have them. Dusty piles of books we’re probably never going to get around to reading, despite our best intentions. On the other side of the spectrum, there are the books we’ve read a dozen times over. Well-thumbed and weathered, these are the books that inspire us. A book swap is the perfect way to share these favourites with friends – and get rid of that dusty pile once and for all.

Since the holiday season is all about sharing and getting rid of the old to welcome the new, it’s the perfect time to host an exchange. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you get organized.

1) To make sure there is plenty of selection, call plenty of friends. You might even want to outside your circle and extend the invitation to co-workers and neighbours. The bigger the group, the more books you’ll have.

2) Ask each guest to bring a minimum of five books, in good condition, to the exchange. And there’s no need to limit your books to just novels. Old cookbooks are great to share – you might even find a new holiday classic to cook up.

3) When guests arrive, organize the books by genre. Or, you could organize them by donator. This way if someone has a question about the book, they know who to ask.

4) Do a good deed. Rather than straight swapping, consider asking guests to purchase books from each other for $1 and dontate the proceeds to charity.

5) Keep it light. Since this isn’t about having an in-depth discussion, keep the music going and the wine flowing! Include non-alcoholic options – and be sure to have plenty of treats on hand.

6) Have plenty of plastic or paper bags on hand for guests to tote their new purchases home.

7) Keep the party going. If you haven’t started a regular book club yet, do it now! It’s also a great occasion to recruit new members if you already have one.