Why Body Makeup Isn’t as Scary as It Sounds

Because sometimes we want a little coverage from the neck down


Showing a bit (or a lot) of skin is par for the course in scorching summer weather. And while it’s easy to throw on some foundation if we want to cover up a pimple or a dark spot on our face, when it comes to anything we may want to conceal on our body, it gets a little trickier. Some may wish to conceal varicose veins, tattoos, birthmarks, stretch marks, scars and bruises—but don’t necessarily know how.

Cosmetic company Dermablend recently launched Leg and Body Makeup, a new game-changing product. We sat down with Chelsea Bice, the brand’s professional makeup artist and national trainer, to get a few pointers on how to correctly use the innovative cover-all.

Prep your skin

“It’s just like the face, the more you prep your skin by exfoliating and [hydrating] it, the better [Leg and Body Makeup] is going to look,” says Bice. While the formula contains moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E—which means if you apply it without any prep work it will go on easily—she recommends making your skin really shine by exfoliating and applying body lotion before hand.

Hands are best

If you’re worried about body makeup being hard to apply or messy, don’t be. Leg and Body is quick and super easy to apply. Bice recommends squeezing some out onto the palms of your hands and blending it into skin. “You can just rub it on like body lotion.”

Layering is possible

If you’re covering something that has more pigment to it, like a tattoo, for example, you can easily layer the body foundation for more coverage. While one or two coats will probably do the trick (the formula is highly pigmented) Bice says the trick for a flawless application that won’t look cakey is letting your layers dry in-between. Give each coating a minute or so dry time before adding more on.

Powder is key

Once you’re happy with the coverage you’ve applied, the trick to keeping it on and transfer-resistant for up to 16 hours is powder. Bice advises using a large powder puff and patting on a layer of translucent powder over the area to really lock it in. “Set it with translucent powder only [not tinted powder] so nothing will transfer onto your clothes at all. If you do it properly, it won’t budge.”

Find your right shade

Leg and Body comes in 12 shades, so there’s lots of options to find one that works with your skin tone. If you need help finding the right hue for you, try Dermablend’s Shade Finder tool on their website.

We were so intrigued by the launch of Leg and Body Makeup that we did a quick experiment in the office to see how well it stood up to the test of covering a tattoo. Check out the results below.An editor's tattoo on her arm.

An editor applies body makeup to cover up her tattoo.

Even after dabbing on a small amount of the foundation you can see how pigmented the formula is.

A fully covered tattoo using body makeup.

After one quick coat of Leg and Body Makeup (no powder).

An editor's covered tattoo using body makeup.

After two light coats and setting powder, my tattoo is pretty much covered.

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