Beyoncé's Beauty Pro, Sir John, on the Best Bold Lip Colour for YOU

Not everyone has personalized access to L'Oréal makeup pro Sir John. But now you do! We tapped him for deets on the best bold lip colours—and what what skin tones they slay on

From blues to lilacs to oranges, bold pouts are ruling runways and red carpets. If you want to take the trend on, but you’re not sure where to start, we feel you. And we’re here to hook you up with some coveted Sir John makeup tips on what punchy lip colour will look best with your skin tone. We chatted with the pro when he was in town to introduce us to L’Oréal’s latest Infallible addition, Infallible Lip Paints (our editors can attest to its amazing staying power and great colour payoff). Whether you’re down with pastels or you’re looking for a new go-to red, there’s no one better to help you take that leap than Sir John. Read on for inspo from celebs like Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen, how to ease into blue (yes, you can) and a fun technique to try now.

Priyanka Chopra, Karlie Kloss and Liya Kebede in perf bold lips

Priyanka Chopra, Karlie Kloss and Liya Kebede in perf bold lips (Photos: Rex/Shutterstock)

Are you a Karlie or a Chrissy or a Joan? Match your skin tone to your perfect hue.
“A rule of thumb for girls who are very fair like Karlie Kloss is to stick to orange-based reds, because they give warmth to the complexion. Orange-based reds are also great for Indian or Ethiopian women because they have more olive undertones, like Priyanka Chopra or Liya Kebede. I love to see women with deeper skin tones in a magenta, like Chrissy Teigen, Beyoncé or Joan Smalls. It’s one of the colours that wasn’t popular 10 or 15 years ago, but recent technology changes have brought purples back. And whenever you have a blue-based colour like magenta, it makes your teeth look white and brilliant. For really deep complexions, I would go with wines, which will also make your teeth look really white.

Apprehensive about an inky blue? Test-drive it in the comfort of your own home.
“Maybe blue isn’t your jam, maybe that’s a little too Rihanna for you. But mix it up and do a beautiful Merlot shade. Sometimes I just want to get girls out of their comfort zone—put on a crazy lipstick and stay indoors! Walk around the house with a blue lipstick on. I know it sounds really odd but getting yourself out of your comfort zone is almost like shaking a little bit of dust off your shoulders. I want you to evolve into another makeup routine because if you’ve been doing your makeup the same way for 20 years, it’s boring! So mix it up every couple years. Lips are the best way to do that.”

Think mismatching will be be too OTT? Not with a little sandwich inspo.
“We’re doing a hack with the Infallible Lip Paints called PB&J. Put one colour on your top lip and another on your bottom, then press your lips together without rubbing. I call it peanut butter and jelly because I want you to just press them together to create a wash of colour. No one knows your top colour is different from your bottom colour until they’re up close. Whatever colour happens to be more pigmented is going to bring attention to your smaller area. We all have top lips that are thinner so I always do more colour on the top and less on the bottom and it creates this nice little mosaic.”

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