Paraben-Free Shampoo & Conditioner You Should Try Now

Looking for a more natural way to wash your hair? Grab one of these cleansing systems and cut paraben from your shower routine

First things first: WTF is paraben? And why don’t you want it in your shampoo and conditioner?

Parabens are pretty commonly used preservatives in personal care products. They prevent nasty things like fungus, bacteria and other microbes from growing in your favourite prods. And all that junk is more likely to pop up if your products are kept in warm, humid environments, ie. your bathroom.

Although it hasn’t been proven yet, there is a chance that parabens are harmful to us. A few studies do show some parabens mimicking the activity of estrogen in your body, and that activity is associated with breast cancer. But don’t fret. If you’re hesitant to use products made with things like parabens or sulfates, there are plenty of alternatives.

Check out our top picks for paraben-free shampoo and conditioner.

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