Top 5 health getaways to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit

Top 5 health getaways to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit

Spring. Think of it as New Year’s for the mind, body and soul. While most of our resolutions may have started (and ended) around January 1st, the perfect time to start your 2008 healthy resolutions is actually right now! Spring signals rebirth and cellular re-newel and who’s kidding who—eating cold salads in winter sounds just as tempting as being stuck in an office on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Because the natural cycle of re-growth occurs in nature during this time, doing a spring cleanse for your body works in harmony with natural human cycles. So pick up those gyms shoes, dust off that juicer and read our Spring Detox Special. You might get inspired to try one of these treatments yourself. After all, don’t you deserve it for surviving a long cold winter? Martina Stritesky

Grail Springs
Alive Health Resort
Body Blitz
Sonora Resort
Le Scandinave Spa
BONUS At-home Detox Tips


Grail Springs, Bancroft Ontario
This super swish holistic center found in Bancroft Ontario (about 1.5 hours north of Toronto) is in the heart of the Ancient Granite Highlands (a.k.a. the mineral capital of Canada). No wonder their famous “Inches-Off Red Carpet Mineral Detox Wrap”—the only of its kind in Canada—has the well-in-the-know singing its praises for its transforming properties. This treatment guarantees inches lost (bye-bye belly) and reduction of cellulite in a matter of hours. Its all-natural formula flushes out accumulated waste fluids all the while replenishing the body with its rich mineral solution. You literally shrink—right before your very eyes (the perfect ‘to-do’ before a beach getaway or that all-important special occasion). If you’ve got time to spare then book a 5 to 14-night program (such as the Holistic Detox Program) where you’ll soon be living and breathing the Grail Springs wellness lifestyle. The total program for mind, body, and soul.


Alive Health Resort, British Columbia
There’s a reason why this resort is nicknamed Alive. Its luxe surroundings, supreme natural beauty and advanced healthcare will have you getting that spark back in no time. With interactive education programs by experienced health professionals (chose from 2 to 12 days), comprehensive spa treatments (we like the “Shed Your Old Coat”—Full Body Detoxification) and endless opportunities to get physical—outdoors—this world-class resort doesn’t let any health detail go unturned. Nestled in the Monashee Mountains, being surrounded by fresh mountain and forest air will only help rejuvenate those senses!


Body Blitz, Toronto Ontario
If time is of the essence, and a weeklong getaway is simply not possible then head to Toronto’s Body Blitz Spa. A quick little day pass gives you access to their warm sea salt pool, hot green tea pool and cold plunge pools, as well as their aromatherapy steam room and showers. We like the infrared sauna which promotes in-depth detoxification by eliminating heavy metals and toxins, increases circulation and boots the immune and cardiovascular systems among other things. A quick detox day at this women’s-only spa can help you feel better and motivate you to kick-start a healthy lifestyle re-haul.


Sonora Resort, Sonora Island British Columbia
As if being immersed in pure wilderness on the pristine waters of British Columbia wasn’t detoxifying enough, this gorgeous natural paradise also offers a wellness center on site. After a day indulging in the Detoxifier day program, which includes a detoxifying body wrap, supreme stress reliever hydrotherapy (with 252 programmable jets!) and relaxation massage—retreat back to your 5-star accommodations which are, in themselves, worth the trip. Leaving your worries at the door is mandatory upon


Le Scandinave Spa, 3 Locations: Mont Tremblant, QC; Blue Mountain, ON; Whistler, BC
Le Scandinave Spa specializes in what else—hot Scandinavian baths. This is not just another day spa but an ancient concept borrowed from the best teacher around—nature itself. Hot baths are followed by cold plunges in the spa’s outdoor Nordic and Thermal baths with waterfalls. This ancient ritual is thought to not only provide relaxation but mental and physical health. Not only invigorating and detoxifying, the act of hot and cold plunging is believed to improve circulation and the condition of your


3 Simple Detox Tips

Morning lemon drink. Start each morning with a warm lemon water drink. This super drink stimulates your liver which in turn helps detoxify your body. Your skin will thank you! Mix half a lemon with warm water and drink first thing on an empty stomach.

Eat your greens. Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli and kale not only are jam-packed with important vitamins but also protect you from certain cancers. Steam, sauté, juice or eat raw with lunch and dinner—and we promise you’ll feel and see the difference.

Lessen your hold on sugar. It contains no fiber, no protein, and no minerals—only empty calories. Sugar is also believed to help speed up the body’s aging process and increase wrinkles. Yuck. To avoid the dips in the body’s sugar levels eat mini-meals all day long (about 5 per day at 300 calories each) and when the need for something sweet hits reach for nature’s sugar: fruit.