The perfect flowers for every occasion

The perfect flowers for every occasion



To say “I do” on a budget
Often overlooked because of commercial overproduction, the carnation has a sweet spicy fragrance and a wonderful head quality. It was even valued in the courts of 18th century Europe. A simple bouquet of pink and peach carnations paired with crisp salal leaves wrapped with stems wrapped in grosgrain ribbon are both pretty and tailored—perfect for a bride on a budget.

To say “I do” when money is no object
When money is no object and your taste borders on the traditional to modern, try mixing open champagne roses, pink peonies, white freesia, dill florettes, pale French tulip and salvia.

To give to your man
Men tend to prefer tropicals. Try ginger flower in a strong shade of red pink or bird of paradise. Tight red roses are also virile, masculine and classic when presented as a sushi wrap in a banana leaf.

For your honeymoon suite
Orchids are pretty, long lasting flowers that are low maintenance when you need to be. Try pairing cut orchids with a delicate-looking green such as bittersweet branches and voila—instant romance.

To say “I’m sorry”
Magnolia is a strong, proud, respectful flower that is perfect accompaniment to a sincere apology. Pair this flower with a hand-written note and consider yourself forgiven.

For a fun birthday party
Multi-coloured poppies are fun, playful and the life of the party. Why not give away small pots as take-home treats as a reminder of your party?

To cheer up a friend
A brightly coloured pot of bulbs (think narcissus, hyacinth or tulips) will cheer up a friend. The colour yellow is known to promote happiness, so this colour will surely bring a smile or two.

To give to an environmentally-friendly person
Flowers that are locally grown, in season and perhaps even edible are perfect for an eco-chick friend. Buy them at the local farmer’s market and your friend will surely be pleased!

For a sad occasion (funerals)
A room full of fresh lilacs (any colour is appropriate), spray roses and lavender is soothing in times of sadness and will fill the air with sweetness and softness.

To say thank you
A branch of cherry blossom or forsythia is the perfect way to say thank you!

Floral suggestions by Neil Asselin, Creative Director and Interior Design Consultant