Hold Up, Bella Thorne Is Creating Her Own Makeup Line? Here's Everything We Know

So many questions!

Bella Thorne showcases her signature bold makeup with blue eyeshadow and red sunglasses.

(Photo: Getty)

We watched Bella Thorne transition from a dancing Disney darling on Shake It Up, to a well-rounded actor with a steady stream of movie roles and TV appearances. But according to her IG, acting isn’t the only thing that she’s been working on lately.

If you follow Thorne on social media, you may have noticed she made a *pretty* surprising announcement last week. The star dropped the reveal after a fan commented on one of her posts, asking which lipstick colour she was wearing in the photo (valid question, it’s gorg!). The actress replied with, “My upcoming makeup line!” Wait, what?!

Other than the informal IG announcement, there’s been no official news from her or her team regarding an upcoming launch—so, naturally, people are hella confused. Fans have tons of questions, and are flooding her IG comments with “What’s going on?” and “Are you serious?” in an attempt to get better clarification. Although Thorne hasn’t given fans any other details on her upcoming makeup line, people everywhere on social media seem to have a lot to say about the news.

There’s been a lot of negativity

Critics question Thorne’s makeup skills, as she has posted some pretty out there looks in the past.

Not everyone is jaded

The IG photo that sparked this flurry of excitement/confusion has over 500,000 likes, so not everyone is totally against the idea.

Since Thorne has been open about her acne struggles, will her line will focus on skincare? Or maybe we’re in for a range of bold eyeshadows? Regardless, we’re curious to see what she has in store (and praying that it’s inclusive, we don’t need another Tarte fiasco). In the meantime, we’ll just be hitting refresh on IG, waiting for an update.


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