Behind the scenes at Dior

Lisa Tant gets the inside scoop at Christian Dior’s Spring ’06 show

Backstage pass
Lisa Tant gets the inside scoop at Christian Dior’s Spring ’06 show

The scene: Backstage—an upstairs balcony in the cavernous newly renovated Grand Palais in Paris—at Christian Dior’s Spring ’06 show. The show is due to start at 8 p.m. (no one expects much before 9, though), but it’s only 5:30 and the blow-dryers are already roaring.


The look: I’m expecting a big dose of fantasy, John Galliano-style—exaggerated features and multicoloured makeup—but what I see instead is sweet makeup with soft, loose hair.

the hair: “It’s about a real woman looking her best in her own natural way,” explains head hair designer Orlando Pita. Surprisingly, it looks like bed head: long, loose and disheveled. How to get it: Let your hair air-dry or, if the clock’s ticking, blow-dry your do with your head upside down until it’s almost dry. Warm up a dollop of a light-hold styling cream in the palm of your hands.

the clothes: “We take inspiration from the haute couture and apply it in a much more industrial, prêt-à-porter way—fashion being for everyone, of course,” explains Galliano about his newest collection in WWD The Magazine. Hence, his spring vision of beaded skin-tone dresses, crystal-edged tops and ombré gowns is a departure from his rollicking past spectacles with geishas, hip-hoppers and courtesans. It’s about clothes you can actually wear—plus, the perfect handbag.

the makeup: I peek over the shoulder of David Jones, a makeup artist with Pat McGrath’s team and a long-lost friend who worked on my very first makeover story for FLARE in the ’90s. “The makeup is much quieter this time,” he notes as he applies white wings to model Lily Cole’s eyelids (right). Eyebrows are prominent and lips are soft and neutral in balance.