Bachelor Nation’s Becca Tilley Shares Her Best Holiday Beauty Tips

Fun Fact: Becca's fave highlighter is by—can you guess?—Becca Cosmetics!

In our Becca Tilley interview, the Bachelor Nation fave talks lip products

(Photo: Cole Moser)

’Tis the season for glam makeup, festive beauty looks and ALL. THE. HIGHLIGHTER—amiright? It’s also the season of giving, and Bachelor Nation’s Becca Tilley—a.k.a. one of our fave Bachelor alums ever and host of Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley—is gifting us something v. special this year: A+ beauty tips! We caught up with the two-time Bachelor contestant—and BFF of former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher—to chat fave beauty prods and tips on getting through the (slightly overwhelming) holiday party circuit in style.

Read on for all of Becca’s on-point beauty advice.

First things first, we *have* to ask: will you be gifting JoJo anything special during the holidays season? 

I’m terrible with gifts. I get so stressed and overthink everything! But of course I’ll get JoJo something! Unless she’s mean, then I’ll send her some dead roses or something. Only kidding!

How do you sparkle for the holidays?  

I love that! “Sparkle for the holidays.” I love Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop [highlighter]. It’s my favourite, and it says my name on it! [FYI Tilley has no affiliation with the brand.]

What’s your go-to palette for a killer smokey eye?

I am actually really bad at doing a smokey eye on myself, I normally leave that to the experts. (Shoutout to Emma Willis!) I sometimes do a bronze-y/smokey eye with an eye shadow palette. I’m loving the Tarte In Bloom palette, it’s gorgeous!

Any fave smudge-free lip prods?

I do an all-over liner first. “Subculture” from M.A.C is a good pinky/nude that is subtle but acts as a base! And then I love “Hue” by M.A.C. I am a lipstick junkie! It’s my favourite makeup product to buy and I have sooo many of them in my purse.

What will be your go-to beauty look for this season’s party circuit?

I LOVE a smokey eye with a nude lip. It’s just so pretty all of the time! But I would like to be a little more adventurous and break out of my usual [this year]. I’d like to try some darker lips and be a little more moody/edgy. I’ll keep you posted!

In our Becca Tilley interview, the Bachelor Nation fave talks highlighter

(Photo: Jessi Casprowitz)

And what about fave hair styles? You have the best hair!

Ah, thank you! I’m going through some hair identity issues lately. Do I want it long, do I want it short? Right now, it’s mid-length which I’m actually liking. I like the messy, lived-in look. I just run a curling iron through it to smooth it out and add some texturizing products.

How do you keep your skin so hydrated and glowing during the winter months?

To keep it hydrated, I use SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. I also use Dr. Dennis Gross daily peel pads and Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform.

What’s one product you absolutely couldn’t live without during this time of year?

Something that I have on hand at all times is the Kopari lip gloss. It’s SO HYDRATING. And I always feel like my lips are dry during the colder seasons—it’s the best!

Will you be gifting yourself any special beauty prods this season?

Not so much a product, but I’m interested in doing a laser on my face to reduce hyperpigmentation—I’ve heard really great things.

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