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Question: My skin is either dry and flaky, or oily. No matter what moisturizer I use, it doesn’t work. My skin just gets more dry, or I end up with spots. Any suggestions for one I could try?


To discover your perfect moisturizer, get to know your skin. Just as you get a physical once a year, treat your complexion to a regular checkup. It’s a time commitment worth making for a lifetime of gorgeous skin.

Book a skin consultation with an esthetician or facialist at your favourite spa (FYI: Decleor and Darphin spas offer fantastic services) or get a skin analysis at a cosmetic counter (such as Clinique, Clarins or Biotherm) at least twice a year – once in the spring/summer and once during the fall/winter – to keep tabs on your skin’s changing condition and needs. Trained pros will help you pinpoint what kind of moisturizing texture and ingredients will suit you best. You don’t have to buy the exact products they recommend, but at least you’ll get a tutorial on what your skin is thirsty for to help you make a good decision next time you’re shopping for a moisturizer.

– Juliette Lie, Beauty Editor