Five Beauty Trends We're Calling for 2018

We're betting our Sephora points on these

The countdown to 2018 has begun, and we’ve got our predictions ready for the incoming year’s hottest trends in skincare, hair and makeup. Spoiler alert: according to our very reliable crystal ball: you’re going to look amazing.

Nails: Square off

(Photo: ImaxTree)

Remember coffin nails? This is like that, but sharper. First, grow your nails as long as you can get them (this will help), and then ask your manicurist to take the top super flat and square the edges. To make it extra witchy and ’90s, paint them a deep, vampy red.

Makeup: Glitter, glitter everywhere

(Photo: ImaxTree)

Metallics alllllllmost beat glitter to this list, but you can’t deny the fact that full-on sparkle was huge for holiday, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to carry over well into the new year. Just take a peek at the runways from the coming season–everyone’s eyes, lips and nails were aglow with colourful glitter. And what better way to take full advantage of KiraKira?

Lips: Smudging is in, precision is out

(Photo: ImaxTree)

Lip stains were the name of the game this year, but for next year, get ready to colour outside the lines and let your lippie migrate outward into a post-makeout smudged look. Same goes for eyeshadow, too. The real beauty of this trend? It’s one that doesn’t take a genius to produce or pull off. Just grab a blending brush and own it.

Skincare: Keep up the good fight–against contouring, that is

(Photo: ImaxTree)

If you’re scrolling through your Insta feed, wondering when the eff contouring will officially be over, 2018 has got you covered. The spring runways were all about natural, glowing skin, and that’s a welcome change from that drawn-on, chiseled look that’s great for photos, but totally unrealistic IRL. So this year, instead of investing in contour palettes, spend that beauty budget on skincare.

Hair: Short and sweet

(Photo: ImaxTree)

Yes, we know Cher hair was huge this year, and if you spent the last few months growing your locks super long, we’re sorry to report that it’s probs time to cut it all off. Lobs, straight-up bobs and even pixies are the new faves, both on the runways and in Hollywood. So give your hair a fresh start and embrace that short hair life.

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