5 Overly Confident Beauty Predictions For 2017

From bold to barely there, here are the five incoming hair and makeup trends every beauty blogger spent the holidays in her bedroom perfecting

beauty trends 2017

Prediction #1: Get ready to embrace the wet look
Watch everyone collectively put down the powder and embrace an oily face, because shine is no longer the enemy. Hair gets the soaked, slicked back treatment, too, for that “I sprinted through a rainforest on my way here” look.

Prediction #2: Natural hair isn’t going anywhere
Curly hair, don’t care dominated 2016. This year’s update? Brushing out those curls and teasing roots for some Judith Light-in-Who’s the Boss realness.

Prediction #3: Glitter, glitter everywhere
Eyelids, cheeks, lips and nails will sparkle and shine this year, and that will be the obligatory annual nod to the ’90s. Put Naomi Campbell’s Pat McGrath lip on your vision board.

Prediction #4: Colour, colour everywhere
2017 is about to get A LOT more colourful as the brightest blues, greens and yellows migrate from lids to lips and cheeks.

Prediction #5: No-makeup makeup lives on
As quickly as Kim K catapulted contouring to Insta popularity, she took it down a million notches in 2016. We’re happy to watch contouring continue to fade out this year into a more natural, pore-liberating look.

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