Meet Julia Stegner—the latest supermodel to join Maybelline’s roster of billboard babes

Julia Stegner
Julia Stegner at Valentino Spring 2008

On personal style: “Wear what you feel comfortable in. If you don’t feel comfortable, then it’s not the right thing for you even if it’s in fashion and you know everybody else wears it.”

On the best places to shop: “I have to say Milan. It’s a little cheaper—there are great outlet stores—so maybe that’s why I like it. For the rest of the year I go to New York because I love vintage shopping. The lower east side is definitely great for vintage shopping. There are so many great streets, like Rivington, where you can go and find amazing vintage clothes.”

On her latest vintage find: “It’s just a regular black blazer.” The 80’s inspired boxy kind that she likes to wear with skinny jeans or a mini dress.

On the art of brunch: “I love Clinton Street Baking Company [New York]. Their breakfast is amazing and I’m not even big on eggs. I don’t go there often though because waiting for two hours is kind of annoying when you’re hungry.”

On life after modeling: “I want to go to college one day and I want to have a family. I really want to have kids. I want to have a boring life. I just want to have a house with a garden and a few children and a husband.”


Julia Stegner
Pictured (right) at Valentino Spring 2008

On the importance of having an education: “You never know what’s going to happen in life. I would have never started modeling without finishing high school. I never missed a day of school for modeling and that wasn’t because my parents didn’t want me to. It was because I didn’t want to.” Stegner has plans to study economics as soon has her hectic schedule eases up.

On her next major project: “I’m so lucky and I want to help other people. I want to raise awareness and money for a new project called Child Survival [with UNICEF].” Stegner is a good-will ambassador for UNICEF in her home country of Germany and recently traveled with the agency to Sierra Leone, Africa to help raise awareness for the organization and its good works.

Juliette Baxter

Photography by Anthea Simms


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