Beauty Review: Kevin Murphy’s New Hair Plumping Line

FLARE's Rachel Heinrichs does a strand test


If you have fine or thin hair (the first means the strands are slim, the second means you don’t have many of them; unjustly, both terms often apply to the same head) you’ve likely dropped an unholy sum on volumizers, plumpers, thickeners, anti-gravitrons, bodifiers, root lifters and whatever other fancy inventions claim to amp your hair like a grow toy.

I recently started using the new Kevin Murphy plumping line. The shampoo exfoliates with sugar cane and ginger, and the conditioner does a great job of temporarily fattening strands with rice proteins. But the real trick is a daily treatment called Body Mass made with Oleanolic Acid, Apigenin and Biotin GHK, three ingredients used in eyelash lengtheners and serums. Supposedly, they increase circulation at the follicle and prolong the growth phase in the lifecycle of a hair so it doesn’t fall out so quickly. Which means you have more hairs in your head at a given time.

It’s designed not just for people like me with thin hair, but for people but thinning hair. (I sent a bottle to my sister who lost locks after having a baby.) For the last two months, I’ve been spritzing it on my scalp after showering, and styling as usual—it’s also a good root lifter, making hair feel gritty and airy, like cotton candy (in a good way). I’m pretty sure I have more hair now. I wish I could run a scientific strand count to rule out the placebo effect, but in lieu, I’ll take an airport stranger’s compliment—“I love your bouncy bob”—as confirmation.

Kevin Murphy Plumping.Wash, $37, Plumping.Rinse, $37, and Body.Mass, $41 are available in salons.