Beauty Review: Kérastase Nutritive hair care

How Flare's associate beauty editor, Caitlin Kenny, finally got her hair to grow

For at least four years, my fine hair has refused to budge beyond my collarbones, with ends that snap off constantly. (No doubt my highlighting and hot-tool habit is to blame.) So when I came across Kérastase’s reformulated and expanded Nutritive hair care line for dry strands, I immediately added it to my arsenal.

I started with the pre-shampoo treatment, a hydration-prepping cream you apply while hair is still dry, then followed with the wash, mask and, before blow-drying, the heat-protecting balm. The four-step process took longer than my usual routine, but after just one use my hair felt incredibly soft—even on the second day, when it’s usually bone-dry—that I soon found myself reaching for Nutritive over my previous go-tos. (To save time, I sometimes skipped the pre-shampoo and swapped the mask for the range’s milky conditioner.)

The silky finish is largely thanks to the newly-added iris root extract. When scientists realized that the flower’s roots hold onto water for days after being pulled from soil, they tapped into the ingredient to help parched manes, like mine, hold onto moisture.

Right around the time I finished the bottles, several people (including my colourist!) commented on the length of my hair. It now sits at bust level, which is the lowest it’s been in ages. Next stop, Rapunzel!

$38—$59, available at select salons and drugstores