Beauty Report: Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011

Illustration courtesy of Nars

Photo courtesy of Nars

Photo courtesy of Nars

Setting the beauty look for the much talked about Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week yesterday was Founder and Creative Director of Nars Cosmetics, François Nars. Focusing on heavily blushed cheeks and defined upper eyes, the makeup wizard took inspiration from Jacobs’ direction:

“Marc wanted ‘icy cold cheeks’ and so the blush is drawn down in such a way that’s unusual…unusual, but decadent. Like a Renaissance painting.”

Here’s how Nars went about making the designer’s beauty vision come to life:

First he applied concealer to the face and used Lokoum Cream Blush in broad strokes across the cheekbone. On the eyes, he experimented with new colours and textures from the Fall 2011 line, but suggests to anyone looking to get the look at home to apply a heavy line of Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil to the upper lash line with Larger Than Life Mascara in black to finish. For the lips, a simple gloss like Great Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment sets the right amount of subtle shine. All products by Nars Cosmetics, available at