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Question: How can I keep my skin shine-free without resorting to high coverage foundations?


Staying matte requires maintenance. Begin with a foundation (sheer, natural or full coverage) or tinted moisturizer of your choice and finish with a sheer matte powder compact. Keep the compact handy in your purse to control shine when you need it. If you don’t like the idea of layering on powder, try oil-absorbing blotting papers (Shiseido and Clinique both have their own versions) to blot away shine as the day goes on. There are also lightweight lotions with no colour that you can apply before your makeup and throughout the day such as Smashbox Anti-Shine, or Lancome Pure Focus T-Zone Mattifier (don’t be afraid to use it on other parts of your face). To really keep shine under control from the get-go, use a skincare regime that helps control oil on your skin such as a pore-cleansing cleanser and toner and an oil-free moisturizer. Biore, Kiehl’s and Olay all have great products to choose from.

– Juliette Lie, Beauty Editor