Beauty News: New M.A.C Collaboration With Archie Comics

M.A.C announces comic book-inspired makeup collection

Archie's Girls, Betty and Veronica

Photo Courtesy of M.A.C. Cosmetics

In spring 2011, M.A.C created a collection inspired by comic book character Wonder Woman. Now the brand has announced plans to launch “Archie’s Girls,” a colour cosmetics line based on the iconic looks of Betty and Veronica.

The question everyone is thinking: What products will M.A.C include in the line? As the logo (at left) shows, the only visible difference between Archie’s love interests is hair colour. Betty is known for her blonde locks, often tied in two cutesy pigtails, and Veronica has ultra sleek black tresses. Without any obvious makeup cues in the comic, we imagine M.A.C will draw inspiration from the real difference between the characters: their personalities.

Perhaps Betty’s makeup will include sheer baby pink blush and candy-coloured lip gloss to reflect her charming girl-next-door persona, while Veronica’s spoiled seductress reputation might be better suited to deep nail hues and dramatic black eyeliner.

Can’t wait to find out more? The line’s release date will be sometime in spring 2013. To be the first to find out, text the name of the gal you think should win Archie’s love (“Betty” or “Veronica”) to 898622. Fans of the winner will get early notification of the collection’s online availability.

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