Beauty Lesson: How To Fake A Haircut

Try out bangs, a pixie or a bob for a day

Photos by Anthea Simms

Photos by Anthea Simms

Photo by Anthea Simms

If the past two runway seasons are any indication, it’s no longer necessary to head to the salon for a dramatic hair makeover. By shifting your strands into a new position and using a few carefully-placed pins, it’s easy (and totally on-trend) to fake a drastic cut — saving you money and snipper’s remorse! 

Here are a few tips for faking a bang, a bob, and a pixie:

1. The quickest faux cut to create is a side-swept bang. Simply draw a line with a comb across the middle of your head and comb hair forward over your eyes. Grab the section that covers from one side of your forehead to the other and comb to the side, then secure behind your ear with a pin. Don’t pull hair too tight — you want it to rest low on your forehead so that it grazes your brows. Voila! Bangs for a day.

2. Faking a bob or a pixie is a little more time consuming, but still totally doable at home. Create volume for your bob by curling a few sections and roughing them up with a texturizer. Then pull hair into a low, loose pony and secure with an elastic before tucking it under at the nape of your neck. Pin into place. Pull a few strands loose around your face (especially if you have short layers at the front!).

3. For a pixie, take a cue from Prada’s Spring 2013 runway show and roll hair into a French twist at the back of your head. Allow ends of hair to remain loose and pull them forward from your crown to your forehead to fake short pieces that frame your face. You’ll have to play around with your ends a bit to get them into a formation that evenly distributes across your forehead and around your ears. Use pins and hairspray to keep pieces in place.