Beauty Insider: Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss, Beauty Blogger

The beauty blogger reveals a treasure trove of trade secrets

Emily Weiss FLARE Magazine Canada

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Ever want to peer backstage at Paris Fashion Week or inside the vanities of top editors, designers and industry pros? Emily Weiss will take you there. Since launching Into the Gloss, her online oracle, almost two years ago, the New York–based stylist and former Voguette has developed a cult following for chronicling the highly detailed beauty routines of fashion’s biggest influencers, such as Tory Burch, Anna Dello Russo and super-strutter Karlie Kloss. Steeped in tips and tricks and revered for her prophetic reportage, Weiss is changing the world of beauty blogging, one post at a time.

What’s your most anticipated show?
“I generally love the makeup at Marc Jacobs, the hair at Alexander McQueen, the music at Alexander Wang and the sets at Louis Vuitton.”

What spring beauty trend is inspiring you right now?
“Super dewy skin and wet hair!”

Is there one product you’re most looking forward to wearing all season?
“Burberry’s new Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base—it’s [a] genius foolproof highlighter.”

Describe the beauty look you’ll be going for this spring.
“Subtle shimmer on my eyes, especially in creamy textures like Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre shadow in Fantasme. The little flecks of glitter fall down underneath your eye and it’s such a cool, unexpected look.”

What excites you most about the runway circuit?
“To see looks that really push things forward. It’s cool when you start to notice a distinct train of thought, like a mass consciousness, emerge. Like the whole ‘sea’ thing at Chanel and Givenchy for spring.”

How does editing Into The Gloss influence your beauty routine?
“I constantly want to try the products my subjects tell me about. From the models who come by for The Makeup [posts showcasing new beauty goods] and have that perfect lip balm in their bags, to the hairdressers backstage using some amazing texturizing spray.”

How do you choose who—or what—to feature on your blog?
“Whether it’s a major fashion person or someone I just saw on the street, they are reflections of my particular ideal of beauty…I guess it boils down to an attraction. Not sexual, just aesthetically.”

What’s your No. 1 beauty tip?
“Don’t be afraid of oil. Oil is your friend. If you feel you look oily, that’s what powder and blotting papers are for. But don’t go all oil-free in skin care. I think that’s a mistake.”

What’s the biggest misconception about attending Fashion Week?
“My friends [ask], ‘Oh, how was Europe?! Did you have so much fun?’ as if I were on a 10-day vacation, when in fact, I’m working harder than if I were at home in New York. For anyone on the show circuit who is a writer or photographer, you’re not only running around all day, but you’re getting back to your room after dinner and having to write or edit. The whole thing is exhilarating, but it’s also exhausting!”

Is there anything special you do to prepare for the season?
“I make sure my camera works, that I have extra batteries, my computer is backed up and everything is synched. [Next season] I have to have those rechargeable iPhone battery packs. Mine always dies [by] 3 p.m.”

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