Beauty Innovation: Shimmery Gloss—For Your Teeth

Might sound strange, but we’re hooked on this smile enhancer

Here in the beauty department, we check out tons of up-and-coming beauty products day in, day out. Every now and then, we encounter something so out-of-the-ordinary that we’re immediately intrigued. Example? Tooth gloss.

Of all the beauty tips and tricks out there, one of the best (and certainly easiest) ways to perk up your look is to flash your pearly whites. So, as strange as it sounds, this first-of-its-kind product, designed to protect teeth and help them look brighter, makes total sense. The dental gloss comes from homegrown Canadian brand Love That White Smile, which makes its debut in stores this month.

Inside the mirrored tube is a shimmery gloss that you slick right onto your teeth using the funky light-up wand. The formula is packed with blue micas to counteract yellowness and add shine, while it also coats teeth to protect against stains.

Maybe it’s the minty flavour or that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling it leaves, but there’s something about the tooth gloss that’s seriously addictive. Lately I’ve been applying it more frequently than my go-to lipgloss—and that means often!

Love That White Smile Tooth and Lip Gloss, $50 for the set. Launching late September 2010 at Pharma Plus and London Drugs stores across Canada.