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5 Quick Ways to Hide the Signs of Your Festive Hangover

Lacoste SS 2013 Backstage Beauty, Applying Lipgloss

Photo by Anthea Simms

In this last week of holiday festivities, you’ll probably be walking the line between late night indulgence and early morning wake-ups. You may feel totally gross, but you don’t have to look it. In fact, it’s pretty easy to fool your co-workers, parents (whomever!) into thinking you spent the night in. Just make sure you take down those Facebook incriminating photos.

1. Though you may be tempted to hide under the covers and take it easy, some low-intensity exercise may help put you on the path to recovery.  But if you’d rather just snuggle in for an extra 20 minutes, we won’t judge.

2. Whether or not you’re hitting the gym, first guzzle water, herbal tea, coconut water, Gatorade—it’s time to replenish those fluids. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means even though you spent the evening drinking, you were essentially squeezing the moisture out of your hair and skin. Skip coffee if you can (it’s another diuretic) and pop some B and C vitamins to replace the nutrients the alcohol depleted.

3. Nothing gives a hangover away like puffy, red eyes. To soothe the sensitive area beneath your peepers, apply a cooling mask or under-eye patches while sipping your bevvy and eating breakfast. We love Lise Watier’s Beauty in a Flash Kit, $42, It contains three pairs of Bio Lift Eye Patches that make the skin around your eyes baby soft (we looked like we’d had the best sleep of our lives after 20 minutes of use!). The kit also includes seven ampoules of Flash Lift Radiance, which you can apply to your skin before your face cream to give yourself a dewy glow.

Lise Watier Beauty in a Flash Kit

4. It’s time for makeup. Rather than slathering on as much foundation and eyeliner as possible in the hopes of concealing your sins, use a lighter hand. Try a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream like Dr. Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm, $36, and add light eyeshadow and beige or white eyeliner to conceal any residual redness. Highlighter on your brow and cheekbones and a hint of blush will add life to your face, as will a tinted balm or bright shade of lipstick. Try creamy formulations (rather than powders) to disguise dryness.

FLARE picks: Estée Lauder Signature Cream Blush, $28, Nars Eyeliner Pencil in Iceberg, $25, Stila Liquid All Over Shimmer, $31,

BB Cream, Blush, Eyeliner

5. Toss last night’s hair into a top knot or side braid and you’re ready to face the day!