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Use This Tool to Find Your Perfect Makeup Shades

Finding the right clothing and makeup colour pairings has never been easier

Honor, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Nanette Lepore; Photos by Anthea Simms

These days, mixing and matching colours is more complicated than ever. It’s okay to wear pink with red, brown with black or go entirely monochromatic with matching shoes, tights, bag—the works! So does that mean that anything goes? Not exactly.

To help you tread through the dangerous waters of our times, where you’re only one misplaced hue away from looking like a circus clown instead of a street-style star, L’Oréal Paris has created The Color Genius app. It takes the guesswork out of choosing flawless colour combos for your clothing and makeup by offering suggestions that match, blend or clash. Instead of forever playing it safe with neutrals, this tool helps with colour experimentation, without ever pushing the limits into big-top territory.

How it works: Start by taking a pic of your outfit or choosing an image from your photo library. The app sources the prominent colours in the picture and you select the shade that you would like to work with: for example, tangerine. Then, choose whether you would like to match, blend or clash, and if your mood suits day or night look. The app will then choose three L’Oréal Paris products (a nail polish, eye shadow and lipstick, usually) that will work together and with your outfit. Pure genius!

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