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Beauty Test Drive: Shimmering Oils

Add a little hot, hot heat to exposed skin with a dry oil that'll make your gams and décolletage glimmer

FLARE July 2012; Photo by Chris Nicholls

FLARE July 2012; Photo by Chris Nicholls

See how the model above glistens in the sunlight? Her skin looks smooth and glowing, a white sheen dancing off the curves of her body. That just-back-from-vacation glimmer is what we’re hoping to achieve, whether barely covered in a string bikini or showing a little leg beneath spring’s maxi skirts and short suits. A dry oil flecked with gold or bronze is the best tool—better than moisturizers or highlighters—for disguising imperfections, adding sun-kissed colour and hydrating dry, dull patches without an oily feel. Try one of these bronzing buys and own that beach, boardwalk or sidewalk with confidence.


Victoria’s Secret Instant Bronzing Shimmer Dry Oil, $15,

Shake up this beach-scented oil and watch the bronze flecks dance. It’ll add a touch of colour to fair skin, or blend into a beautiful sheen on darker skin tones. But beware: it will leave a fine residue on whatever it touches, so spray it close to the skin and rub it in well, taking care to avoid product settling into the bends of elbows or the dips of the collarbone. Allow the time to dry properly for a subtle glow and great moisturizing effect.


The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, $17,

This bronze oil is full of cinnamon colour at first application, but blends easily to make skin appear healthy and radiant. Legs and arms are left with a soft and supple feel that’s not slick or oily because it absorbs quickly—within 30 seconds it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. The glass bottle looks pretty on a vanity and feels nice to hold, but would be disastrous for travelling.


Yves Rocher Monoï de Tahiti Precious Dry Oil, $22, as of June.

This dry oil skews gold rather than bronze, which means it provides less colour, though it has more pronounced sparkle than the other two products and can be used on skin and hair. The golden liquid is housed in a glass bottle with a wide mouth, so even though the oil is thick, be careful when pouring! The scent is reminiscent of sunscreen and white flowers in the hair—perfect for summery days spent lounging by the pool—but is also the most strongly fragranced of the three.

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