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Beauty Test Drive: Nars x Pierre Hardy Collection

A dozen polishes and two blush palettes illuminate the new Nars x Pierre Hardy summer collection

NARS Pierre Hardy campaign image

Pierre Hardy has been designing candy confections for women’s soles since 1999. This season, he teamed up with Nars Cosmetics to create six decadent polish duos—each wrapped in a mini shoebox—and two blush palettes. The colours are inspired by his Summer 2013 shoe collection, so even if you’re not lucky enough to own one of those pretty pairs, you can still channel the Hardy charm. Nail Polish Duos, above, in Vertebra (coral, dusty rose), Easy Walking (camel, rose gold), Ethno Run (orange, navy), Sharks (lavender, yellow), Sharplines (peach, burgundy) and Venomous (gunmetal, black, not pictured), $32/pair, will be available on as of May 1.


The polishes are expertly matched to be worn as unexpected mani-pedi combos. Our favourite set, Sharks, got us in the mood for nail art, inspired by a strappy pair of snakeskin heels with circular cut outs from Hardy’s summer line.


To create this look, apply two coats of lavender. Once dry, use a slim nail art brush to draw intersecting semi-circles along the edges of each nail. Then add a top coat to seal the colour and create that straight-from-the-salon shine.


Blush Palettes in Boys Don’t Cry (pink grapefruit) and Rotunde (tiger lily), $48 each, as of May 1.

If you have darker skin, these palettes are made for you due to the bright and highly pigmented colours, which can overwhelm fairer skin. If you have pink undertones to your skin, Boys Don’t Cry verges on red when tested in person, and if you’re more golden-complexioned Rotunde is a warm orange. To prevent a garish look, use a large fluffy blush and shake off excess colour before applying lightly to the apples of the cheeks.