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Beauty Bite: We're Obsessed with Hydrating Gel Moisturizers

Change up your skin care routine this summer with light, refreshing gels

From FLARE June 2012; Photo by Chris Nicholls

From FLARE June 2012; Photo by Chris Nicholls

During the winter months, flaky skin and cracked lips call for thick, luxurious treatments that seal in moisture and soothe dry patches. But in the summer (and even fall!) when it’s hot and humid? Those with oily or combination skin should scale back their routine with gel-based moisturizers, eye treatments and masks for a cool, refreshing sensation and radiant appearance. They’ll still hydrate, but won’t bog down pores—leaving your face as weightless on the outside as the sunshine makes you feel on the inside.

A few products that we’re loving lately:


Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal Moisture Boost Concentrate, $40, at Yves Rocher in August.

Serum-like in texture (it’s quite thin), this gel is made with the sap of Canadian Maple trees and Blue Agave plants in Mexico. It goes on smooth, leaving skin damp and refreshed for a couple minutes until it absorbs. The scent is clean—like freshly cut grass. Seriously, it’s sooo good. Put it on your wish list for later this summer and you won’t be disappointed.


Décleor Life Radiance Flash Radiance Mask, $45,

This odourless face refresher contains fruit acids to eliminate dullness and essential oils to cleanse and promote circulation. Leave it on for just three minutes once or twice a week then easily rinse away to reveal reawakened, brighter skin. It will leave you wondering why you ever bothered with messy clay masks.

Vit C eye rad4x6 copy

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hydra-Moist Eye Radiance, $30,

This eye gel is meant to treat and prevent crow’s feet, but it’s actually perfect for the younger beauty-con generation because it’s so lightweight. Put it on morning and night. It wears especially well under makeup, creating a nicely hydrated—not greasy—canvas.