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Beauty Bite: 5 Tips For Packing Your Travel Makeup Bag

Pare back your beauty kit for an easy, fuss-free flight


It’s peak vacation season: The time for cottage retreats, roadies with friends and, if you’re lucky, last-minute flights to destinations unknown. A surefire way to set out on the proverbial right foot? Pack light—we’re talking carry-on-only light—especially if you’re a frequent flyer. Here are our tips for maintaining in-cabin-friendly makeup and toiletry bags:

Simplify. Do you really need to bring a serum, face cream, eye cream and mask? Is it the end of the world if you use the hotel’s hairdryer instead of your own? Your skin and hair won’t be traumatized by a few days off routine.

Mini’s the word. Since individual products may only contain a maximum of 100mL each, for a total of one litre for your entire bag, skip full-sized bottles of fragrance, shampoo and shaving cream. Instead, carry samples, fill reusable travel-sized bottles and buy roll-on perfume. You’ll still have to put liquids and gels into clear plastic bags, but at least you’ll nip spills in the bud and your luggage will feel lighter!

Leave your razor at home. (And that goes for tweezers, scissors and sharp nail files). If you’ll be gone for more than a few days, leave the shave gel and disposables at home and try the new lather-and-razor-in-one system by Schick Intuition. Just add water and you can shave anywhere with little fuss.

Avoid products that require brushes. Try blush papers—they look like oil-blotting papers, but deposit blush when rubbed onto the apples of the cheeks—and an eyeshadow stick in a neutral hue. Tinted lip balms are also easy on the go.

Choose multi-tasking products whenever possible. For example, instead of bringing sunscreen, primer, foundation and day cream, look for a BB or CC cream that can take on the role in all of those products in one simple tube.

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