Beauty Find: Skincare For Winter

Banish chilly weather skin woes with season-specific lotions and balms

Like it or not, it’s that time of year again when the dry winter air and moisture-sapping indoor heating begins to strip your skin of the dewy glow it once knew. When you can’t stand the sandpaper hands, dull complexion and chapped lips any longer, we suggest making a bee-line for your nearest drugstore in search of Bioderma’s Atoderm skincare collection, which is packed with nourishing ingredients to cure the winter skin blues.

There’s nary a dry skin dilemma that can’t be solved with one of the lightweight and fragrance-free Atoderm formulas for lips, hands, face and body. Here in the FLARE office, we’ll be swearing by the Lip Balm when our pouts feel parched. It’s enriched with avocado oil, shea butter and vitamin E, making lips feel flawlessly smooth and staying put much longer than a run-of-the-mill daily lip treatment. Another definite addition to our skin-care routine: the Atoderm Anti-Recurrence Emollient Balm. The ultra-light yet über-powerful lotion instantly restores lost hydration when the temperatures plummet, without irritating fussy skin or feeling the least bit greasy.

Now, lather on your products of choice and prepare to brave the elements knowing your skin will be in tip-top shape come bikini season—six months and counting.  —Lindsay MacAdam

Bioderma Atoderm Hand Cream, $13; Lip Balm, $14, Ultra-Rich Foaming Gel, $19; Cream, $24; Anti-Recurrence Emollient Balm, $27. At drugstores nationwide.