Beauty Decoder

Beauty Decoder: Learn to Contour

Hannah Johnson blend, blend, blends her way to a hippie-glam summer

Video by Laura Lanktree 

You may think Kim Kardashian is single-handedly responsible for contouring’s comeback, but her heavy-duty take on the trend is a bit much for me. I prefer subtly sun-kissed cheeks—the effect you might get from a day spent stageside at an outdoor concert.

My inspirations: the chiselled icons of the late ’60s and early ’70s—models like Marisa Berenson and Veruschka, and the songbird Cher—whose blushed and bronzed looks accentuated their mannequin-like angles. Yet there was a breeziness to their artfully made-up faces, something Donna Karan picked up on for her spring show.

To figure out exactly where to concentrate your makeup, there’s the age-old technique of sucking in your cheeks; I also like to just feel the bones with my hands. Then use the right tool (a small, stiff-bristled brush, not a big fluffy one) and blend like crazy. Combine with flowing hair, butterfly lashes and glossed lips, throw on a fringed vest, and don’t be surprised if you get mistaken for the headliner.