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Beauty Decoder: The Wet Hair Look

Beauty blogger Hannah Johnson answers slick hair’s sultry siren call with step by step tips and video


Our beauty-blogging columnist at Toronto's St. James Cathedral.

Our beauty-blogging columnist at Toronto’s St. James Cathedral. Photo by Norman Wong

Truth: I’m not really the sexy type. A great pair of stilettos has its appeal, but me? I can usually be found in demure Ferragamo flats. However, I’ve decided to give wild, wet hair the reallife test, inspired by Prada’s always-smart—even when scintillating—runway, where Redken’s lead hairstylist, Guido Palau, spoke of dripping damsels caught in the rain. This got me thinking about the original seductive sirens emerging from the murky sea, calling sailors to their delicious demise. I wondered if scrunching and slicking could make me feel like a mysterious temptress, so I got to moussing and oiling my just-washed locks, with visions of Anita Ekberg, frolicking about the Trevi Fountain in La Dolce Vita, bouncing in my head.

Out on the town with my sleek mane, I felt powerful and independent, with the insouciance of a woman who couldn’t be bothered with the straightlaced strictness of a blow-dryer. Clinging and curve inducing, a moistened mane is heavy with the promise of a reckless, late-night, get-wet jaunt—and if you’re lucky, maybe even that slippery, messy kiss of the great-romance kind.

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Hannah shows you how:

Photo by Norman Wong

Towel freshly washed hair and pull back with a fine-tooth comb. Use curl-enhancing mousse to scrunch from ends to roots to create waves.
Photo by Norman Wong

Photo by Norman Wong

Warm a few drops of styling oil between your palms and press into hair for
high shine and softness without any crispiness.
Photo by Norman Wong

Photo by Norman Wong

Mist with fine hairspray (such as Pureology Colour Stylist Supreme Control Hairspray, $30) to hold the wet look for several hours, and allow to air-dry.
Photo by Norman Wong


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Watch Hannah break down the wet hair look in the how-to video, below: