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Beauty Decoder: Hannah Johnson Tries On '70s Hustler Hair

Hannah Johnson tousles a '70s mane to toast the holidays' super-glam style

Photo by Norman Wong

Our columnist at Cube nightclub in Toronto. Dress and stole, both Altuzarra. Photo by Norman Wong

Even though they were before my time, I was positively obsessed with Charlie’s Angels as a preteen. The gorgeous crime-fighting trio ignited my budding inner beauty buff with their jumbo feathered waves and high-gloss lips. But seeing as it was the aughts, when flatironed hair ruled, the dream died faster than you can say hot rollers.

Flash forward to today, with the impending release of David O. Russell’s disco-era con flick American Hustle, and my fantasies of angel-winged hair are back. Some might question how well a curled-up, teased bang and ringlet-framed updo would go over in the haute-hipster times we’re now living in, but one needs only to set eyes on the knockout Jennifer Lawrence in her drapey jersey and over-the-top furs to understand the look’s potential. Besides, we finally have a hair statement to rival all the moustaches sure to be at the party.

“If there’s any time to take a risk with your look, it’s during the high-stakes year-end party season.”

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Watch the step-by-step guide below: