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Beauty Decoder How To: Festival Face Art

Beauty blogger Hannah Johnson tries a 2013 take on a hippie makeup mainstay

Deep in the dog days of summer, with the excitement of picnics and outdoor music festivals in the air, I find myself recalling the flower children of the 1960s Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock—a time when free spirits expressed themselves with psychedelic colour bursts in ways never seen before. And now that bright hues and sunny florals are in full bloom trendwise—who isn’t charged by Toronto’s new flower markets?—I’ve decided to bring the daisies of the peace movement to my face.

Guest Beauty Blogger Hannah Johnson in a Wren x Leith Clark dress; Photo by Norman Wong.

Guest Beauty Blogger Hannah Johnson in a Wren x Leith Clark dress; Photo by Norman Wong.

My newly cropped, mussed-up hair counterbalances a hand-sketched, jewel-toned bouquet over one eye. After all, if you take inspiration from bygone decades, you run the risk of looking like a confused extra who wandered in from a period film set—hence the importance of throw- ing in hits of new and now. Use silky cream shadows in the same colour family, instead of child-like chalky face paints, to maintain a softer, sophisticated effect and create your own Summer of Love.

Hannah Shows You How:

Hannah wears French Connection top, Thomas Sabo earrings. Photography by Norman Wong

Hannah in French Connection top, Thomas Sabo earrings; Photo by Norman Won

    1. Use your fingers to apply a cream-based light blue shadow (I used Avon Cream Eye Shadow in Exquisite Blue), gently blending past the crease.
    2. Outline daisies using a navy cream formula and a fine liner brush. Start from the outer corner of one eye and continue up to the temple and along the top of the cheekbone.
    3. Fill petals with white eyeliner (such as Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Stick in Witness White, $7) and apply it to the inner rim of your lash line to make eyes pop.
Product photo by Ivan Engler

Product photo by Ivan Engler

From left: Avon Cream Shadow in Exquisite Blue, $6. Maybelline Eyestudio Colour Tattoo Metal 24hr Cream in Electric Blue, $9.


Photos Courtesy of Corbis, NPG and Everett Collection

Greenwich Village, Corbis; Ashley Tisdale, NPG; Godspell, Everett Collection.

Retro: Greenwich Village, 1967. Real: Ashley Tisdale, April 2013. Reel: Robin Lamont in Godspell, 1973.