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Beauty Collab: Spider-Man and Revlon

Whether you’re fighting crime or just fighting to get through the day, this superhero-inspired makeup will help you battle it out in style.

If the heart-pumping action and on-screen romance between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield aren’t reason enough to get excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Revlon has upped the incentive with a Spidey-themed makeup collection out this month. The six nail polishes and two lip glosses are all comic-book bright, subtly pearlescent (for a high-voltage effect, a nod to the film’s antagonist Electro) and decorated with a web-blast design on the cap. Our favourite? The aptly named Spidey Sense, an iridescent red nail polish so bold it has our style sense tingling.


Revlon Electric Chrome Nail Enamel in Spidey Sense and I’m Electro


Revlon Electric Chrome Nail Enamel in Electrified Web, 1000 Volts and Gwen’s Crush


Revlon Electric Chrome Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Killer Watt and Sparks Fly