Beauty Collab Coca-Cola and OPI

OPI and The Coca-Cola Company unveiled their new partnership with limited edition collection. See what shades we’re predicting and share your thoughts on the unlikely twosome.

What do you get when you cross Coca-Cola and OPI? A line of bubbly, pop-inspired polishes that are as pretty as they are playful. While the unlikely collaboration may have some scratching their heads, the polish brand is almost as famous for their unique partnerships (from the Ford Mustang to Nicki Minaj, and everything in between) as they are their polishes themselves.

Photo courtesy OPI

Photo courtesy OPI

Launching in June 2014, the collection has us looking forward to a new way to enjoy our favourite sodas, sans aspartame and sugar. There’s a classic red representing Coca-Cola Classic, silver for Diet Coke, a sparkly green for Sprite and even a glittery orange for Fanta Orange (a classic recess favourite).

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Written by Kelly Clark