The New Game-Changing Tool Every Beauty Insider Is Talking About

The makers of a glittery new tool say it can flawlessly blend your makeup without wasting a drop of it.

As far as cult beauty products go, the Beauty Blender wears the crown, living in thousands (even millions) of amateur and professional makeup bags alike. But there’s a new sponge in town that’s fast-gaining Breaking-The-Internet status. The Evie Blender, which appeared on Instagram and crowdfunding website Kickstarter a week ago, is made from medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone and claims to give flawless makeup application without absorbing too much product.

The creator, Los Angeles-based film and TV makeup artist Angie Johnson says in her Kickstarter vid, “I find it really frustrating that these [foam] blenders not only soak up a lot of very expensive makeup, they aren’t easy to clean, they stain, you spend $25 to $30 on this makeup blender and you have to throw it away in a few months. That’s such a waste of money. Which is why I invented the Evie Blender.”

The makeup applicator supposedly feels like a squishy silicone tear-drop and is packed with little glittery specks in silver or purple (don’t worry, we hear the surface is 100 percent smooth). It can be used to rub or dab liquid-based makeup onto large surfaces or tiny creases in the skin, without absorbing any of the product or leaving residue behind. Because it can be sanitized in boiling water or rubbed clean with alcohol, it’s said to last for over a year.

To get your hands on one, you need to make a donation of $28 USD (plus $10 USD shipping) on the Evie Blender Kickstarter page. Angie has already raised $50,000 from 1,320 investors—she only needed $28,000 to kickstart her business—and will begin shipping the blenders by end of March, with more limited-edition colours to follow.

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The Evie Blender is similar to SiliSponge, a silicone beauty blender by Hong Kong-based company Molly Cosmetics. But while SiliSponge is flat and has an uncanny resemblance to a silicone breast implant, the Evie Blender more resembles a typical makeup sponge. Judging by the hype it’s getting around the world from beauty insiders, we predict a mad waitlist. You read it hear first.

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