Beauty Bite: What Is A Serum And Why Should You Use One?

Ever wonder what a serum does for your skin? This week's Beauty Bite breaks down the anti-aging craze and highlights one of our top picks.


Serum, in medicine, is the liquid that separates from clotted blood. It is rich in the proteins that help us stay healthy. Graphic as this may sound, think of the skincare equivalent as the serum of your anti-aging moisturizers. Take away the extra stuff needed to maintain a moisture balance and you’re left with a high concentration of those hard-working wrinkle-reducing, collagen-boosting ingredients.

While moisturizers sit on the outer layers of your skin, serums are able to penetrate deeper, meaning that they’re more likely to yield results. You may buy an antioxidant serum to protect your skin against pollution and sun damage or a brightening serum to minimize age spots or of course, an anti-aging serum that helps boost collagen for firmer skin.



One of our current favourites? Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum that promises a blend of collagen-supporting ingredients to firm, lift and diminish the look of fine lines. (Find it online for $69 at