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Beauty Bite: Learn How to Apply False Eyelashes Step-by-Step

Urban Decay’s CCO and Co-Founder Wende Zomnir’s shares her professional tips on how to apply false eyelashes.

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It’s that time of year again. Halloween gives makeup lovers the opportunity to pull out those bright colours and dramatic finishes that aren’t quite office-appropriate—plus, it means an excuse to wear over-the-top false eyelashes!

Fake lashes are pretty much appropriate for any costume, whether witch, wizard or Miley Cyrus. And if you’re just a falsie enthusiast all year long, well these tips are perfect for you!

Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Urban Decay, Wende Zomnir shares her step-by-step tips for applying your lashes and keeping them on.


1. The most important tip when it comes to applying full-width falsies is to trim them before putting them on. False lashes are a bit longer in width than the average eye, so unless you’ve got Bette Davis eyes, you should trim around ¾ of the original width across. If the hairs are longer in the center, and shorter at the edges, trim a little from each side to maintain the shape.

2. Since eyes are curved, your false lashes need to have some curve to them for easy application. Before you apply, gently bend them, rolling the ends between your index finger and thumb to get a nice curve to them. No matter how much glue you try to stifle them with, if you forget to bend your lashes, you’ll likely end up with the ends popping up or worse the whole lash popping off!  When not in use, make sure you store them in their original moulded trays so they keep their curve.

3. Always line your eye before and after applying false lashes. This avoids having those weird unlined spots between your real lashes and the false lashes.

4. Apply glue sparingly! After applying lash glue, wait a good 30 seconds so the glue can get tacky before application. This prevents your lashes from sliding out of place.

5. For perfect placement, position the false lash right onto your lash line using your fingers or a tool to hold the inner (and outer) corners down. Wait 30 seconds or so before letting go, as these are the sections that tend to pop up.

6. After you’ve applied your lashes, finish the rest of your makeup giving the glue a chance to dry before completing your eyes.  When your lashes feel dry, use an angled brush to apply a gel or cream liner or a sharpened long-lasting eye pencil like our 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. While applying the liner, gently push the angled brush or pencil along the band of the false lash to secure it while lining your eye.

7. Don’t forget to use a lash curler to curl your false lashes into your real ones. This is a critical step if lashes aren’t positioned exactly the same on each eye (maybe one is slanting more downward). Curling them can actually make them look even!

8. On their own, false lashes are easy to spot. To avoid being busted for wearing falsies, apply mascara over the top to marry the false lashes with your real lashes. Urban Decay’s Mascara for False Lashes is perfect for this, as it was created to coat and fuse lashes false lashes to real lashes only adding colour, not thickness.

9. No one ever wants to look too top heavy. To balance your look, apply a thickening mascara to your bottom lashes by holding the wand vertically, avoiding clumping.

TIP: If a full lash sounds like way too much work, try our Insta-glam lashes!  They are ¼ length falsies that are so easy you can literally pop them on in seconds!


1. To remove false lashes without pulling out any of your real ones, use a good make-up remover like Urban Decay’s Meltdown, and leave it on your eyes for a while giving it time to breakdown the glue. Once the glue breaks down, you’ll be able to slide your false lashes right off.

2. Once you have removed your false lashes, go over your eyes one more time to remove any leftover glue.

3. Use makeup remover to clean your false lashes before storing them in their original trays. As long as you take good care of your false lashes, they will look and work great multiple times.

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