Beauty Bite: Testing Conair’s New Curl Secret

Conair unveils a new automated way to curl your hair. No, really. We test the Curl Secret.

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Photo by Keystone Press

Thank goodness for technology. What would your hair look like without it? The hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron have given us the freedom to change what nature gave us, on a budget. You can go curly, wavy or straight without a trip to the salon and really, that’s a pretty important feat. No, it’s not the light bulb, nor is it bringing world peace, but in the world of beauty and self-expression it’s significant, right?

Well, Conair has unveiled a new hair tool that makes changing your look even easier. Available this fall, the Curl Secret is best described as a curling machine. It’s fully automatic and has three curl settings ranging from loose curls to ringlets. Each curl takes between eight and 12 seconds so you can do your whole head in about 15 minutes.

The machine’s handle is like a flat iron (closes when you squeeze) but has a barrel at the top which contains a tourmaline-coated chamber that pulls hair in with a brushless motor so it’s virtually impossible to get your hair caught inside. It holds hair for the desired length of time and then beeps to let you know that your curl is ready. (I recommend letting it beep at least twice before removing your curl.)

And you’re not going to end up with a head full of oh-so-perfect ringlets either. You choose where you want the curl to start by how much hair you put into the chamber and how long it stays there. Plus, instead of letting each curl cool before touching it, you can play around with timing to get the effect you want. It does take a bit of practice but certainly a lot less than learning to use a curling iron or figuring out how to use your flat iron to curl your hair. You should have the Curl Secret figured out after two curls and in under 20 minutes your hair will be done!

Babyliss, the professional sister brand to Conair, will be launching the Miracurl, a similar product, for salon pros.

Conair’s Curl Secret will retail for $120 at leading retailers nationwide.