Beauty Bite: Valentine's Day Cocoa Beauty

Help satisfy your chocolate cravings this Valentine’s Day with super affordable cocoa-infused formulas

Valentine’s Day is unequivocally about chocolate. And our love for chocolate! This year we want to tempt you into taking chocolate indulgence beyond your tummy, to your skin and hair too. Who knows, maybe you’ll attract suitable lovers with your sweet new scent!

Beauty Bite:
Even more important is that the cocoa bean, used to make chocolate, is also the source of a fabulous moisturizer. The oil extracted from the bean is used to make cocoa butter, a common ingredient in many skincare products.

Here are FLARE’s picks for cocoa-licious beauty products:

the body shop

The Body Shop Chocomania Beautifying Oil, $9 for 100 ml,
A combination of nut oils and cacao (cocoa) seed butter made for both body and hair. The formula leave skin hydrated and hair shiny.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Jar, $9.99 for $100 ml,
The packaging may not look all that glamorous but this rich body cream smells like a dream. It’s made with pure cocoa butter and vitamin E and is a favourite for fading stretch marks and scars because all beautifying should feel—and smell—luxurious.

Demeter Fragrance Library Dark Chocolate, $20 for 30 ml at or $15 for 30 ml at select Loblaw stores
Specializing in perfumes that smell exactly as they sound, Demeter’s Dark Chocolate will either keep you from indulging in the real deal or drive you mad with cocoa desire. Either way, your sweet tooth will end up satisfied.