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Beauty Bite: Clarins' New Mascara Promises Longer Lashes

Want longer lashes? Clarins new mascara and eyeliner come with lash-lengthening peptides so you can get stronger, longer lashes just by applying your makeup.


Clarins’ new Be Long mascara features a slick brush—angled at seven degrees for what Clarins says is the perfect slant for clump-free application and made of flexible curved elastomer bristles to curl and coat lashes from root to tip. The formula combines intense pigments with carnauba wax and polymers for truly glossy lashes. True to the product’s promise, you only need to apply it once (or twice). Of course, everyone has their favourite mascara and preferred brush style. The bonus with Be Long is that the formula also includes the Be Long Lash Complex, which, in tests, increased lash length by 1.1 mm in four weeks.

So if you want longer lashes but don’t want to go the prescription route (lash lengthener Latisse promises 25 per cent longer lashes in 16 weeks), Be Long is a simple solution because you’re probably putting on mascara everyday anyway, right? Another addition to your daily lash and makeup routine that this beauty blogger is excited about is Clarins’ 3-Dot Liner. Introduced last year, it’s a liquid liner pen with three tiny tips to make getting that perfect cat eye so much easier and faster. This year, the liner gets a lift: the Be Long Lash Complex has been added to the formula so lashes are strengthened just by lining your lids.