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Beauty Bite: Baby Products That Grown Ups Love

Though we might not all be in the market for diaper creams, this week in Beauty Bite we highlight some baby products that some adults can't live without.


You probably don’t bother walking through the baby aisle at the drug store because really, you’re not in the market for diaper cream, though you may be missing out on your newest skincare obsession. In the spirit of welcoming baby George, William and Kate’s Royal offspring, we’re looking at a few of the best made-for-baby products you’ll fall in love with.

moisturizing baby lotion

Live Clean (Baby) Moisturizing Baby Lotion

Live Clean does make products for those over the age of two but I adore their Moisturizing Baby Lotion. Its subtle, fresh scent is vaguely reminiscent of baby powder but in a much more sophisticated way. Plus, it’s paraben-, phthalate- and petroleum-free and is made of 98 per cent plant ingredients. Now if they could only create a perfume—or even deodorant—with the same fragrance my little one wouldn’t have to share his lotion with me.


Dr. Roebuck’s Bubs & Bits

Okay, so this one is actually made for both adults and babies alike, because everyone needs a gentle cream for, shall we say, sensitive parts. Perfect for soothing baby’s diaper rash or post-bikini-wax repair, Bubs & Bits has only eight simple ingredients including lavender oil and creates a natural barrier so skin has a chance to heal. The line was developed in Australia by physicians looking for a safe and effective skincare solution for both babies and adults.


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

This one’s a classic. Women with fine hair or sensitive skin have been touting its virtues for years. Celebrity mom Reese Witherspoon has said that she originally bought it for daughter Ava but that the no-tears formula keeps her own locks soft and shiny.


Pure and Simple Organic Lavender Baby Powder

Talcum powder is now a no-no for babes because it can be dangerous if inhaled. Pure and Simple’s formula is talc-free, all-natural and smells like lavender and nectar. Get yourself a powder puff and apply it after a bath for an indulgent experience.