Beauty Advice From FLARE Moms

Editors share the best beauty tips they've ever received from their mothers

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Mother’s Day is on Sunday and we checked in with the FLARE team to find out the best beauty advice they ever got from their mothers. Here’s a list of tips, tricks and quick buys direct from our moms:

 Catalina Margulis, Managing Editor
“My mom always taught me to spend money on good facials—it’s the one splurge I’ll never skimp on.”

Jennifer Campbell, Senior Digital Editor
“The best beauty advice my mom ever gave me was this: Hair grows. I may be lazy with my hair, but I’ve never been afraid to take the occasional risk. Even if I hate it, it’ll just grow out.”

Mosha Lundström Halbert, Associate Editor, Fashion News
“I am my mother’s doppelganger, so she always shares sage advice for our fair complexions.”

Top Tips:
– If you have blonde eyelashes like us, try brown mascara and khaki green liner instead of harsh blacks.
– The secret to good skin is not overloading your complexion with products in the evening. All you need is a spritz Dr. Hauschka toner.
– A vigorous swim and a piping hot sauna rids you of toxins and adds a natural glow.
– If in doubt, wear lipstick.
– Don’t overpluck or change the natural shape of your eyebrows when you are young, as they won’t ever grow back properly.
– Don’t get Botox, get bangs!

Wing Sze Tang, Beauty & Health Editor
“You can’t have beauty without health, and my mom, who never wore a speck of makeup, was always more concerned with the latter. We rarely stocked junk food in the house, and pop was a limited commodity. Thanks to her, I never developed an appetite for those indulgences and learned early on that I look and feel my best when I’m taking care of my health.”

Erin O’Brien, Assistant Market Editor
“Best beauty advice my mom ever gave me: always wear sunscreen on your face and don’t wear heavy foundation on a regular basis. The best compromise I find is a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Stila makes a great tinted moisturizer that is oil free. Pricey but it lasts about 4 to 6 months and I use it every day.”

Elyse Goody, Assistant Copy Editor
“I think the best advice my mom gave me was to floss my teeth. She’s always said she wants to make sure I’m going to have my dazzling smile well into my old age!”